How Does mSpy Work? A Detailed Guide to Using mSpy Phone Monitoring Software

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Overview of mSpy and How It Works

mSpy is a phone monitoring software that allows you to secretly track and monitor another person’s smartphone or tablet activities. It works by being installed directly onto the target device, which then allows you to remotely access information from that device through the mSpy dashboard.

Some key things mSpy can monitor include: calls, texts, GPS location, apps installed and used, photos/videos, contacts, calendars, browsing history and more. All monitored data is viewable through your secure online mSpy control panel which you can access from any web browser.

So in a nutshell, once installed on someone’s phone, mSpy becomes an invisible monitoring program that records activity on the device, which is then sent to your private mSpy account.

How to Install mSpy Properly on iPhone and Android

Installing mSpy properly is important if you want it to work and remain undetected. The installation process differs slightly between iPhones and Android devices.

Installing mSpy on an iPhone

To install mSpy on an iPhone, you’ll need:

  • Physical access to the target iPhone
  • The iCloud credentials of the target iPhone

Then to install:

  1. Jailbreak the iPhone – this allows you to install apps not from the App Store.
  2. Purchase mSpy and set up an account. Select the monthly subscription.
  3. You’ll get login mSpy credentials, use these details to log into your mSpy control panel.
  4. Follow the mSpy setup wizard prompts to link the iPhone you want to monitor.
  5. Download the mSpy app file onto the iPhone. Tap to install the mSpy app.
  6. The app will prompt you to input the mSpy setup key – this links the app to your mSpy account.
  7. Hide the app icon so it remains invisible.
  8. The app now runs secretly in the background, logging iPhone activity to your mSpy dashboard.

As long as you jailbreak first, the rest of the iPhone mSpy installation only takes a few minutes.

Installing mSpy on an Android Device

The Android mSpy installation process is a little simpler as no jailbreak is required:

  1. Purchase a mSpy subscription and set up an account to access your dashboard.
  2. Make sure you can unlock the target Android and temporarily disable any passcodes.
  3. Download the mSpy Android app file from your dashboard.
  4. Find this .apk file on the Android device and tap to install.
  5. Launch the newly installed mSpy app and grant it Device Admin privileges.
  6. Input the Setup Key provided on your dashboard to link the app.
  7. Hide the app icon if you want it to remain invisible.
  8. Once connected, mSpy will secretly record activity on that Android to your dashboard.

The key things that make mSpy work properly is having device admin access and entering the correct setup wizard. As long as you follow those steps carefully, you’ll have mSpy up and running stealthily on the Android device.

How Much Does mSpy Cost? Pricing Breakdown

mSpy has premium and basic packages for both Android and iPhone monitoring:

How Much Does mSpy Cost? Pricing Breakdown- mspy pricing plans

iPhone Plans

  • Monthly: $39.99 (Basic) $49.99 (Premium)
  • Quarterly: $27.99 per month (Basic) $39.99 per month (Premium)
  • Yearly: $21.66 per month (Basic) $29.16 per month (Premium)

Android Plans

  • Monthly: $33.33 (Basic)
  • Quarterly: $23.33 per month
  • Yearly: $16.66 per month

So while monthly fees may seem expensive at first glance, longer 6 or 12-month plans make mSpy more affordable in the long run.

The Premium iPhone packages offer more advanced monitoring features, like instant messaging and VOIP call recording. But for most users, the Basic plan provides enough core monitoring capabilities.

Using mSpy Remotely to Monitor iOS and Android Devices

Once installed correctly, mSpy runs silently in the background of the target phone, recording and logging activity.

You then access and view this monitored data remotely from your secure online mSpy dashboard.

To set up the dashboard:

  1. Go to and register for an account
  2. Choose your subscription package plan
  3. Follow setup wizard to link the device you want to monitor
  4. Download and install mSpy app file onto target device
  5. Dashboard will start collecting logged data from target device

Now you can log into your dashboard anytime to view:

  • Call logs – incoming, outgoing, durations
  • Text messages – sent & received with full message content
  • GPS location history with interactive maps
  • Photos, Videos – secretly taken with the phone
  • Messengers – Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat chats
  • Installed Apps – names, usage times
  • Web History – full website URLs visited

The dashboard also allows some control functions like geo-fencing alerts when the target phone enters or leaves specified locations.

So in summary, the mSpy dashboard lets you view detailed device activity and take actions all from an easy-to-use web portal that you access securely from anywhere.

Detecting and Removing mSpy from Phones

Though designed to stay invisible, there are some signs that can indicate mSpy is installed on a phone.

On iOS devices:

  • Decreased battery life and slow performance due to background logging
  • Mobile data usage increases even when phone appears unused
  • Presence of generic looking apps called “Safe Test Browser” or “Google Maps Engine”
  • Jailbreaking the device and scanning for unknown apps

On Android devices mSpy may reveal itself through:

  • Unexpected admin privileges granted to random apps
  • Presence of odd app called “Google Settings” with no app icon
  • Connecting Android to computer and scanning phone files

If mSpy detection is confirmed, then you need to fully uninstall the app/software to regain complete privacy.

To remove mSpy from an iPhone:

  1. Jailbreak the iPhone again if needed to access root file system
  2. Download reputable detection tool like Stellar Spy Phone Remover
  3. Scan device and delete suspicious files/apps
  4. Fully restore iPhone to factory settings

To remove mSpy from an Android:

  1. Enable USB debugging mode on Android
  2. Connect phone to computer
  3. Scan device using spyware cleaning tool
  4. Identify and uninstall mSpy apps
  5. Reset app preferences and revoking administrations

A full uninstall and reset is the only guaranteed way to completely purge mSpy or similar monitoring apps from phones and tablets. Be aware that basic factory resets alone may not work.

In Summary

mSpy is powerful phone monitoring software that allows secret surveillance of smartphones once installed. It works continuously in the background to record real-time phone activity like calls and GPS locations. Someone with access to your phone could potentially install mSpy without your knowledge. However, there are often signs of decreased performance that can indicate spyware. Following a careful phone inspection and using spyware removal tools, you can detect and uninstall invasive apps like mSpy. Still, fully restoring your device is the only sure way to remove monitoring software completely. When used legally and ethically, mSpy delivers an impressive array of remote phone monitoring capabilities. But extra care should be taken to avoid unauthorized installations or lack of consent when using this surveillance technology.

How Does mSpy Work? A Detailed Guide to Using mSpy Phone Monitoring Software
How Does mSpy Work? A Detailed Guide to Using mSpy Phone Monitoring Software