Bluehost 2.95 per Month : Special offer Up to 70% off on hosting for WordPress Websites and Stores.

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Bluehost 2.95 per Month


Shared hosting is the easiest, most economical way to get your website connected to the Internet so you can start building it.

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Bluehost 2.95 per Month : Special offer Up to 70% off on hosting for WordPress Websites and Stores. LinkedIn Bluehost 2.95 per Month : Special offer Up to 70% off on hosting for WordPress Websites and Stores.

If you’re looking for a great hosting provider, Bluehost is a fantastic choice. The quality of their services is the reason why they are one of the most popular hosting providers in the world right now.

Bluehost 2.95 per Month
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Bluehost  technical support will make you feel at home, with 24/7 customer support and excellent service. This greatly facilitates the use of the service, since its support guys will always be available to solve any problem.

All plans include.

Resource Protection

Even if there are other websites on the shared server, your site’s performance stays protected and unaffected.

Domain Manager

Our domain manager makes it easy to update, transfer, purchase and manage your domains in one place.

SSL Certificates

Keep personal information, e-commerce transactions and other sensitive data safeguarded with encrypted connections.

Google Ads

Give your campaign an extra kick with a Google Ads match credit up to $150 on your first campaign (valid for new Google Ads customers located in US).

Google My Business

List your local business online, including its location and hours of operation, to quickly connect with customers in your area.

Bluehost Plans

This hosting service provider has a good variety of plans. These have quite good technical specifications and affordable prices.

Bluehost  plans include:


Bluehost plans include:

Free SSL

Authenticate site security for safer data and search engine support.

Free CDN

Allow your website files to be shared on a network of servers worldwide.

Automatic WordPress updates

Update to the latest plugins and themes, right from your dashboard.

Free Domain

Create a professional domain unique to you and your goals.

Website migration tool

Migrate an existing website to our server with uninterrupted service.

Exclusive Bluehost plugin

Simplify WordPress with eCommerce setup tools, guides, and more.

Why Choose Bluehost In 2022

Bluehost is also great for those who don’t use tools like cPanel. It offers WordPress-optimized plans. If you hire a shared hosting service or VPS, technical support can help you with the installation.

To better understand what Bluehost has to offer, we must carry out an analysis of different technical aspects of the service. This way, you can verify that it correctly complies with the essentials of a storage service.

1. Ease of Use

Bluehost is one of the most comfortable hosting providers to use, even though its website is only in English. All the elements are very well organized and with a friendly design, so it has a beautiful and easy-to-use interface.

Likewise, all their plans come pre-configured. It means that you simply have to start enjoying the service once hired.

It is also important to emphasize that they have cPanel to manage their servers, which makes their use even easier. This is the most popular admin panel among users, so it is quite positive that it handles it.

2. Domain names

Bluehost offers domain name registration at a reasonably standard market price. However, we can see that they have a limited variety of extensions that are very popular today.

It is important to emphasize that all plans have a free domain for one year. After this period ends, it must be renewed for $ 14. Whois protection is a bit expensive, keeping a price of $ 14.

3. Mailing System

In this section, the Bluehost service lags a little behind its competition. This provider does not offer webmail service apart from its hosting plans.

For starters, all Bluehost plans are paid on an annual basis. However, the included webmail is only for 1 month, and it is the office 365 email plan, which must be renewed after the 30 days are free.

Finally, Bluehost offers a complete email service for its users.

4. Databases

As for databases, this provider offers some characteristics that we could call intermediate. It is possible to create multiple databases. However, the number is limited. Best of the Bluehost plans provide only 20 databases, which is quite a fair number for small and medium projects. However, it can be a bit short for very ambitious projects.

5. Applications

Bluehost has several applications in its plans that will help develop all your ideas. Such as WordPress optimized environments, where you can test anything you are thinking of implementing to your website without affecting it.

They also have applications that do automatic WordPress updates, as well as the plugins you have installed. It guarantees much better security for your website.

Additionally, all their plans offer $100 Google ad credits to their users. In this way, you can boost the visibility of your website from the first moment.

6. Storage

Storage is one of the most prominent features of Bluehost. We can say that it is far above all its competition in this field. The most basic plan offers 50 GB of SSD storage.

All other plans have Bluehost unlimited storage SSD storage. It is a feature that is greatly appreciated considering the limitations of many hosting.

The fact that they have SSD storage is a pretty good bonus for any type of project. It guarantees a much higher speed on your website.

7. Data Transfer

The transfer of the websites in Bluehost is another section that leaves something to be desired. The migration of another provider to their servers is offered as an independent service, which has a base price of $ 144.

Taking into account that they are specialized in WordPress hosting, it is a bit high-priced. However, with a plugin installed on your website, you can do this task in a matter of minutes.

Website transfer on Bluehost is one of its most popular services.

8. SSL Certificate

Another section in which Bluehost clearly stands out is in SSL certificates.

All plans offer this certificate for free to any domain that is hosted there. It represents a clear benefit for your project.

This certificate is vital. It offers security for your website. People who visit a page are very attentive to this. If you do not have an SSL certificate, you will have a large red sign indicating that your website is not secure at all.


Services offered by Bluehost

Bluehost has several services on its website. Among them, we can find the following:

1. Web Hosting

This is Bluehost’s flagship service. They have several hosting plans, from shared to VPS and dedicated. However, the cherry on the cake is WordPress plans. It is a section of the most recognized on the market.

2. Domain Registration

This provider offers domain registration at a reasonably standard price, with the most common extensions on the market. It should be noted that it provides a free domain with a subscription to any plan.

3. Transfer of Sites

This is a service that we consider should be free when hiring hosting. However, Bluehost offers it totally apart, at a very high price.

4. SEO

This hosting provider offers optimization of your websites in search engines. This service will improve the positioning and, consequently, the audience of your website.

Bluehost hosting plans and Promotions

Bluehost offers a wide variety of hosting services. It is possible to contract services from dedicated hosting to a fully specialized WordPress hosting service if you do not know how to use cPanel.

The Bluehost variety is excellent since it allows you to choose the perfect hosting for your project. Likewise, the price range is quite competitive compared to other providers in the market.



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