20 Best Ecommerce WordPress Themes in 2023 | WPX

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Picking the right theme is crucial for your WordPress site launch. A good choice can help your site look good, and load fast. A bad choice can spell trouble for your store’s performance, and even make it hard to build a store in the first place. 

So how do you choose? According to WordPress, there are over 10,000 free themes in its repository. And a lot more premium themes. 

But don’t worry about combing through all of them. We researched dozens of themes to find the best eCommerce WordPress themes on the market right now. Here’s our definitive top 20 list.

1. Thrive Themes

20 Best Ecommerce WordPress Themes in 2023 | WPX

Thrive Themes is one of the most popular names in WordPress development. They offer a powerful page builder, the Thrive Architect, numerous helpful plugins, and a fully fleshed theme builder. All of these tools are easy to use, and they perform well.

The theme builder is also compatible with all the plugins you need to get an eCommerce store off the ground. From WooCommerce and Drip to advanced CRMs like Hubspot and fluentCRM, they all blend really well into Thrive’s development kit.

But there’s one other thing Thrive Themes have going for them: conversion rate optimization. All of their tools are built with CRO in mind. The theme builder supports all kinds of CTAs, their extensions help promote products, and the Thrive Architect is full of conversion-focused blocks. If you want to sell like crazy, the Thrive suite is one of the best options for WordPress sites.

2. Astra

20 Best Ecommerce WordPress Themes in 2023 | WPX

If you need high performance, Astra is the best WordPress eCommerce theme. It’s lightweight, so your site will load fast, and offer a fantastic user experience. Plus, you’ll have no problems passing the CWV.

Astra is also easy to set up. It has a well-optimized code, and a large community behind it, so you’ll find easy fixes even when you do run into problems. It’s also compatible with all builders, including more complex platforms like the Beaver Builder.

But what you get by default is not too shabby either. The Astra Theme has a ton of widgets and add-ons that help you create beautiful pages and sell more.

Granted, Astra is not a strictly eCommerce theme. You can use it in a wide variety of projects. But thanks to its seamless integration with WooCommerce and other eCommerce tools, we’re more than happy to recommend it.

Bonus Entry: Cude Design

20 Best Ecommerce WordPress Themes in 2023 | WPX

Choosing a theme for your ecommerce WordPress site is only the first step in building it. After that, you’ll need to spend some time deciding on an ideal layout for your site. Then, you’ll need to build each page, add product listings, and fine-tune each page to fit your needs.

It’s a lot of work. And if you’d rather focus on something else, you can outsource that work to an agency like CudeDesign. They don’t offer a theme of their own. Rather, they help you build the perfect eCommerce site. The team at CudeDesign has over 14 years of experience working with WordPress and WooCommerce, so they can make your site idea a reality much faster than you would. 

A premium theme is nice. But it’s not enough to start selling. And if you don’t want to bother learning how to build home and product pages, how to implement a checkout functionality, or how to make your sites mobile-friendly, you can rely on an agency like CudeDesign.

3. Porto Theme

20 Best Ecommerce WordPress Themes in 2023 | WPX

Porto is more directly focused on helping you build an eCommerce platform. It was created to work with WooCommerce, and it has amazing support for all online store owners. 

For example, Porto recently released an AI Product Generator, which helps you create product descriptions with the help of AI technology. They also offer over 134 pre-built websites, that you can use as a template for your own store. All of them are beautiful, they run well, and they’re easy to customize so you can set up an online storefront in no time.

Not to mention, the theme itself is pretty well-reviewed. It has high scores across all theme review aggregators, and a ton of elements to customize your user experience.

If you’re looking for a fast theme built for WooCommerce, Porto is probably your safest pick.

4. GeneratePress

20 Best Ecommerce WordPress Themes in 2023 | WPX

GeneratePress is a smart pick for any WordPress project. It’s not necessarily built for eCommerce, but we couldn’t write a roundup of good WordPress themes without including it. 

GeneratePress is an extremely lightweight theme that focuses on speed and stability. You won’t find all the fancy tools you get from Porto, and you might have a hard time building something out from scratch with GP. But that’s what you get for a stable, open-source, and free project.

Not to mention, you can mitigate a lot of that with GenerateBlocks, a lightweight WordPress page builder from the same creators. The combo is really popular in the SEO space because it’s a fast and easy way to pass the Core Web Vitals. 

That being said, it might not be everyone’s first pick for eCommerce.

5. OceanWP

20 Best Ecommerce WordPress Themes in 2023 | WPX

This was one of the most popular themes when I started doing SEO in 2017. OceanWP was all the rage, and even though the hype died down, the theme’s still pretty good. In recent years, it even pivoted to help eCommerce site owners more than the average website owner.

They do this with customizable store templates, a dedicated tool for building online stores in OceanWP, and amazing support for WooCommerce integration. You also get a lot of styling options, as well as A/B testing support and a lot of other features that can help eCommerce site owners improve their conversion rate.

That being said, most eCommerce tools are only available for a fee. And although the core theme is free, a lot of useful features are also locked behind a paywall.

So do note that you’ll need to set aside a budget for OceanWP if you want to make the most of it. But you can also get started for free, and decide if you need more along the way.

6. Flatsome

20 Best Ecommerce WordPress Themes in 2023 | WPX

Flatsome is one of the best eCommerce WordPress themes. It’s built with WooCommerce in mind, and it offers a lot of tools for website owners (or developers) to build something quickly.

Key among them is the responsive page builder, which is bundled with the theme. It lets you create interfaces without any code, drag-and-drop page headers, and access a lot of templates that help you kickstart the development process. 

The theme is built in Angular and focused on creating fast-loading pages. The theme will cost you $59 for the core offering, which includes the theme itself, the page builder, and tons of pre-built resources that you can implement into your site.

Flatsome is not our first pick for eCommerce site builders, especially if you’re on a tight budget. But if you’ve had problems with speed in previous iterations, this eCommerce WordPress theme can help.

7. Divi

20 Best Ecommerce WordPress Themes in 2023 | WPX

Divi is a huge name in the WordPress space, and for good reason. Their theme, page builder, and all other plugins can turn your WordPress site into an eCommerce powerhouse. Do note that it wasn’t built exclusively for ecommerce. But it works well in that space nonetheless.

You can’t get Divi for free. You’ll need to pay a minimum of $89/year to get access to the core theme, page builder, and some additional tools like their lead generation, or social media sharing plugins. It may sound like a lot, but considering everything in the bundle, the price is pretty good.

Keep in mind, that Divi isn’t a newcomer in the WordPress scene. It’s a fully fleshed out, Elementor-level page builder complete with:

  • Drag-and-drop building of almost all elements
  • Custom CSS control if you need more customization options
  • Responsive editing to make sure your site looks good on all devices
  • Real-time page building, so you can see how your changes look instantly

And a lot more features you’ll love when building your online store. Plus, the Bloom and Monarch plugins help you promote your products with email marketing and social media. So even if you have to pay a bit to use Divi, it’s worth the cost.

8. Botiga

20 Best Ecommerce WordPress Themes in 2023 | WPX

Botiga offers a simple, minimalist, and straightforward approach to WordPress development. The theme is optimized for both Gutenberg and Elementor, and it has the barebones features you need to launch an online store in no time.

This eCommerce WordPress theme offers a few styling options for your product listings and checkout page. On top, it lets you edit some global design options and offers multiple layouts for a blog. 

Most test results show it’s a pretty fast theme, and previous users seem really happy with Botiga. If you want a simple theme to quickly set up an online storefront, it’s a nice choice. However, we wouldn’t recommend it for established eCommerce sites that need a lot of options to customize their interface.

9. XStore

20 Best Ecommerce WordPress Themes in 2023 | WPX

XStore is a comprehensive theme built with WooCommerce in mind. It has almost everything you need, regardless of what page builder you use, and it manages to keep everything loading fast thanks to AJAX tech.

It will cost you $59 for just 6 months of updates. But you get a ton of features to justify the price. For starters, you get over $400 worth of premium plugins that work very well with WooCommerce. XStore also features over 120 pre-built website demos, an easy-to-use header builder, support for a multi-vendor marketplace, and a lot more.

Most notably, XStore receives constant updates, and it’s always in tune with the latest trends. For example, their latest update added a ChatGPT integration that lets you use the power of AI to quickly generate product descriptions. 

So XStore is a pretty sweet deal. Especially if you want to build something fast, and you need a theme that’s always in tune with the latest tech developments.

10. WoodMart

20 Best Ecommerce WordPress Themes in 2023 | WPX

User experience is really important when trying to sell something online. If your customer has to sit around waiting for product images to load or refresh the checkout page because a button doesn’t work, you’re at risk of losing their business.

That’s why WoodMart focuses on good performance and speed. It’s a WooCommerce-friendly WordPress theme that you can use to build an online store. They use AJAX to load pages really quickly, and they offer a drag-and-drop header builder.

The theme is available for the market standard of $59 for 6 months of updates, and it’s a good choice for the performance-conscious.

11. Shopkeeper

20 Best Ecommerce WordPress Themes in 2023 | WPX

Shopkeeper is built on top of WooCommerce and comes with a lot of functionalities that eCommerce site owners will appreciate. You get a fully customizable theme, along with dozens of pre-built templates, and unlimited header style combinations.

It’s also one of the best WooCommerce-focused WordPress themes for blogging. They have a lot of beautiful pre-made blog layouts that you can use to interact with your audience, or even build an SEO presence. 

The theme is also constantly updated, and very well documented. If you want a trusty eCommerce WordPress theme that also has great blogging support, give it a closer look.

12. Rife Free

20 Best Ecommerce WordPress Themes in 2023 | WPX

Rife Free is a fantastic WordPress eCommerce theme for the visually inclined. It’s focused on great design, and tons of options to enhance pages with great images, graphics, and more.

The theme isn’t stacked with pre-built elements. You only get 7 demo layouts and not too many blocks. But Rife Free doesn’t skim on features. They offer a one-page mode, responsive editing, especially for visual elements, and a lot of templates for displaying images and videos.

If your products look good and you want to highlight that, Rife Free can be a good choice for a WordPress theme. Especially since it’s available completely free of charge.

13. Sydney

20 Best Ecommerce WordPress Themes in 2023 | WPX

Sydney is a theme from aThemes, the same creators behind Botiga. And it’s a great choice if you’re not 100% sure about what you want to build yet. Sydney is extremely flexible, lending itself to almost any business and eCommerce project.

You get a lot of tools to build your site in Sydney. This includes pre-built sections, a customizable layout, global styling options, and a lot of blogging templates. Not to mention, Sydney is compatible with a lot of WordPress tools, including WooCommerce, Elementor, Hubspot, and a ton more.

What’s best, there is a free version of Sydney available to use. And it’s pretty good on its own. But if you like the theme, you can also upgrade to the premium version. This will cost you at least $69 per year, and come with extra WooCommerce features, more Elementor support, and an expansion of all existing tools in Sydney’s stack.

14. Jevelin

20 Best Ecommerce WordPress Themes in 2023 | WPX

Jevelin is another versatile WordPress theme, compatible with WooCommerce, WP Bakery, and other tools that help bring your site to life.

Compared to Sydney, Jevelin’s offer is a bit more robust. It has advanced theme options, and over 40 demo layouts that you can import instantly into your own site. If you’re not too picky about the design, you can whip up a site in less than an hour.

The theme works great with WPBakery, a very strong page builder with hundreds of pre-built elements. And for building your shop, you can use WooCommerce and get a working online store very quickly.

However, Jevelin doesn’t seem to do that much to warrant its $59 price point. It’s better than the free versions, sure. And it has a lot going under the hood. But we don’t see why you’d pick this one over more established themes like Botiga, XStore, or Astra.

15. Sparkle Store

20 Best Ecommerce WordPress Themes in 2023 | WPX

Sparkle Store offers free and paid eCommerce WordPress themes with wide applicability. They’re compatible with dozens of plugins, they have a great tool stack in their own right, and they offer great support for WooCommerce integration.

But how do they stand out? The free Sparkle Store theme comes with great performance, responsive editing, and most notably support for RTL (right to left) languages like Arabic, Hebrew, Urdu, and plenty more.

E-commerce store owners will particularly appreciate Sparkle Store’s integration with WooCommerce. It supports Ajax carts, and other crucial WooCommerce plugins like Wishlist, Compare, and Quickview.

All of these options make Sparkle Store one of the best eCommerce WordPress themes in 2023.

16. Webify

20 Best Ecommerce WordPress Themes in 2023 | WPX

Webify is a WordPress theme focused on strong Elementor integration. Elementor is not the first pick when aiming for great loading times. So Webify might not be perfect if you’re looking to optimize your performance for a lot of visitors. But if you’re just getting started and want to use a simple page builder, Webify can work.

It has a lot of pre-built site demos that you can use as layouts for your pages, a decent library of block templates, RTL support, and adaptive design. To their credit, Webify also offers features that can mitigate some of the performance issues of page builders like Elementor. Their modular system, for example, is supposed to offer enhanced performance.

For eCommerce site owners, Webify offers a lot of useful layouts, especially in the fashion and design space. If that’s your industry, Webify can be a good choice.

17. Woostify

20 Best Ecommerce WordPress Themes in 2023 | WPX

Woostify is a free WooCommerce WordPress theme focused on providing great performance and loading speed. It’s lightweight, which guarantees good CWV metrics even if you do no extra optimization at all. And since it’s built to be compatible with WooCommerce, you don’t need to worry about an unexpected update ruining your website. 

But Woostify takes the support for eCommerce a step further. They offer multiple cart layouts, product wishlists, product swatches, and more. It’s also compatible with RTL languages and offers a lot of pre-built demos so you have a base to build your site on.

Woostify’s pro features are also great. They include a header and footer builder, smart product filters, pre-order support, Ajax search, and other advanced eCommerce widgets. And it’s cheaper than most WordPress themes, at just $49 per year.

18. Uncode

20 Best Ecommerce WordPress Themes in 2023 | WPX

Uncode is a feature-rich WordPress theme that can help you create pretty much anything. It comes with a frontend editor, WooCommerce store builder, a Posts module, dozens of base elements to add to your site (even animated, interactive elements), and all the pre-built blocks you might need to set up a store page.

Uncode also has dozens of demo sites that you can use as a template. If you need customizability, flexibility, and a lot of control over your site, Uncode is one of the best eCommerce WordPress themes you can pick.

Granted, it’s not free. And the amount of features available can make it discouraging to learn for some users. But if you can make sense of its functionalities, it can work wonders for your website development process.

19. Zigcy Lite

20 Best Ecommerce WordPress Themes in 2023 | WPX

Zigcy Lite’s Customizer makes it stand out in a very crowded room of WooCommerce themes. It’s a powerful feature to help build your pages, and it lets you edit your site in real-time. This means you’ll be able to see your site’s layout as you’re modifying buttons, adding products, or changing styling. This is a great tool to whip up a site fast.

On top of this, Zigcy Lite also offers responsive design, seamless integration with WooCommerce, deep customization without sacrificing performance, and pre-built conversion optimization elements that can help you sell more.

Best of all, Zigcy Lite is available in a free version, so you can get started building your site with the tool without any upfront investment.

20. Storefront

20 Best Ecommerce WordPress Themes in 2023 | WPX

No eCommerce WordPress theme roundup would be complete without Storefront. This is the official WooCommerce theme, developed by Automattic (the team behind WordPress and WooCommerce). It’s maintained by the same people who develop WooCommerce, so you can rest assured you won’t run into any compatibility issues.

And it’s not a bad theme! Storefront offers responsive design, a highly customizable grid system, and a lot of styling options so you can set up an online store whichever way you like. 

If you want a theme that comes loaded with everything eCommerce, and that’s maintained by WooCommerce, Storefront is a solid choice.

In Conclusion

Choosing a WordPress theme is not easy. There are a lot of factors to consider, and you might feel overwhelmed by all the options. We hope this list helped shed some light on what the best eCommerce WordPress themes in 2023 are, and which can help you the most.

If we had to pick a theme for a new site right now, we’d probably go with Astra or Porto. But all 20 options above will give you a strong foundation to build an online store.